NOTICE OF INVITATION TO BID - 24-hour Concierge (Porteiro) Services at the Philippine Embassy.






  1. Contract period is from 01 January 2021 to 31 December 2021;
  2. Days shall cover Monday to Sunday;
  3. 12-hour daytime surveillance for one (1) station, from 7:00H to 19:00H, without a break for meal and rest – two (2) employees 12 x 36 hour shifting each;
  4. 12-hour night time surveillance for one (1) station, from 19:00H to 7:00H, without a break for meal and rest - two (2) employees 12 x 36 hour shifting each;
  5. A Second 12-hour night time surveillance for one (1) station and to do active rounds within the Embassy area, from 19:00H to 7:00H, without a break for meal and rest - two (2) employees 12 x 36 hour shifting each; and
  6. The company must provide relevant continuous training and evaluation to the porteiros.



Company Duties:

  1. Guarantee quality of porteiro service;
  2. Ensure that the porteiros are uniformed and properly identified;
  3. Provide trained and qualified personnel to perform the porteiro service;
  4. Coordinate and supervise the services, from a control center and by a supervisor who can be contacted by the Embassy at any time;
  5. Guide and remind the porteiro to comply with the regulations and safety standards according to the set parameters of the Embassy;
    1. Provide substitute porteiro, when needed, at no additional cost;
    2. Provide the porteiros the following equipment:
    3. Flash light for each porteiro;
    4. Hand-held metal detector/ detetor de metais; and
    5. Mobile phone or any other device that can be used to communicate with the company and Embassy personnel in case of emergency;
  6. Provide a refrigerator, microwave oven, and water dispenser for the use of the porteiros;
  7. Ensure that the porteiros assigned at the Embassy are properly trained. Additional training should be conducted once every 6 months at the Embassy premises;
  8. Assume full responsibility for the payment of the poteiros’ salaries, occupational safety and health standards, in accordance with the legislation, contributions due to the INSS, and any other tax, labor and social security charges, thus being directly responsible for any actions arising from their non-compliance;
  9. Provide porteiro-related assistance to the Embassy as required (making calls to Brasilia police, nearby hospital, fire brigade, among others) during emergency and crisis situations;
  10. Be responsible for the occurrence of damages caused to the Embassy due to malpractice or negligence of its porteiros, provided that facts are proven through rigorous investigation;
  11. Not assign or transfer to third parties the rights and obligations under this Agreement; and
  12. Ensure effective and faster communication between the company office and the deployed porteiro.

Porteiro Duties:

  1. Tend and control Embassy gates against admission of unauthorized persons and/or vehicles.  Check identification (ID) cards and verify identification of visitors and guests to ensure that no person intending to commit an unlawful activity is allowed to enter;  


  1. On weekdays, the “porteiro” should inform the Embassy receptionist about the arrival of guests and direct them to the reception area. The “porteiro” would be notified in advance by an Embassy staff if there are any events on weekends and should also direct the guests to the reception area;


  1. Maintain daily logs to include names of guests, time of arrival and departure, purpose of visit, as well as time of departure of Embassy vehicle and driver from and to the Embassy; 


  1. Monitor live feeds from surveillance cameras. If the cameras are not working properly, report immediately to the Administrative Officer and the Property Officer; 


  1. Respond quickly and correctly during emergency situations and circumstances that will put the Embassy and its personnel at security risk such robberies and other related criminal incidents, unruly Embassy clients, among others;


  1. During a serious, unexpected, or dangerous situation requiring immediate action, the “porteiro” should immediately call the company of the porteiro services, the 6th Battaliao Police (the nearest police station from the Embassy- about 1.8 km) and the Rio Branco Police. He should also ensure that the Ambassador and the members of her household, Embassy personnel and the Embassy property are safe and secure. In case a security personnel from the company would need to conduct an extensive security check upon the advice of the “porteiro”, the “porteiro” should seek the approval of the Ambassador first, before he could let the company security personnel enter the Embassy premises. In the absence of the Ambassador, the “porteiro” should call the Administrative Officer, Security Officer or the Property Officer for approval;


  1. Be vigilant. Watch for any people, activities or movements that appear unusual;


  1. Scope (walk around) and check the residence grounds on foot three times (between 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM; between12:00-midnight and 2:00 AM; and between 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM) or during nighttime when the Ambassador arrives and retires for the night from official events, such as receptions and meetings, to check for any unusual activities within the Embassy premises including the Chancery and the Ambassador´s residence and give necessary assistance and make urgent calls to concerned Brasilia authorities (Brasilia police, hospital, fire brigade, among others) for emergency situations.


  1. Check during night shift all door entrances of Embassy to ensure that they are properly locked;


  1. Turn on the lights in front of the Embassy building at 6:00 PM and turn them off at 5:00 AM;


  1. Activate the electric fence from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends and holidays; 


  1. Respond promptly to calls for assistance by the Ambassador or any Embassy personnel; and


  1. Perform other porteiro-related duties as required.



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