PHL Ambassador Presents Credentials to President of Republic of Suriname

BRASILIAAmbassador Jose D.R. Burgos presented his credentials to President of the Republic of Suriname Desiré Delano Bouterse as the Philippine Non-Resident Ambassador to Suriname last November 23.

Assisting the President during the Presentation of Credentials were Ambassador Niermala Badrising, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Ambassador Rose-Anne Franklin, Director of Protocol and Ceremonies, Cabinet of the President.

In presenting his credentials, Ambassador Burgos expressed his sincere appreciation and deepest gratitude for the President’s accommodation in the acceptance of the Ambassador’s credentials and conveyed warmest greetings and best wishes from His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III, President of the Republic of the Philippines. The Ambassador was accompanied by his spouse, Dra. Blesilda Mansilla Burgos, Third Secretary and Vice Consul Eric P. Valenzuela and Mr. Jose Antonio M. Bea.

Prior to the presentation of his credentials to the Surinamese President, Ambassador Burgos was given military honors including the playing of the Philippine National Anthem by a marching band.

During the closed door talk with Ambassador Burgos immediately after the presentation of credentials, President Bouterse praised the long-standing relations between Suriname and the Philippines while emphasizing that there is room for improvement in the bilateral relations despite the geographic distance between the two countries. He also noted the significant contribution of Filipino nurses and doctors, in particular, to the medical sector of Suriname.

President Bouterse added that it is his administration’s intention to improve Suriname’s relations with ASEAN including the Philippines in finding new approaches in governance and in looking for “friends from the East.”

Ambassador Burgos thanked President Bouterse and the Government of Suriname for taking care of the hundreds of Filipino workers in Suriname. Despite the distance, there are about 700 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Suriname, mostly working in hospitals, hotels, fisheries and commercial establishments, among others. He concurred with the President that there is much room for improvement in the bilateral relations with many potential areas for closer cooperation such as in fisheries and aquaculture.

On the lighter side, President Bouterse praised the Barong Tagalog of Ambassador Burgos and his delegation both for its suitability to the warm climate and as a national attire free from Western influence unlike the coat-and-tie.

Ambassador Burgos also met with selected Cabinet Ministers such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Niermala Badrising, Minister of Labor Soewarto Moestadja, Minister of Trade and Industry Sieglien Burleson, Minister of Home Affairs Mohamed Faizel Noersalim and Mr. Henk Naarendorp, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Suriname.

Likewise, Ambassador Burgos, together with his spouse Blesilda, Vice Consul Valenzuela and Mr. Bea, met with the Filipino community in Suriname during the Ambassador’s recent visit to the country.

Source: Date accessed: 03 February 2016






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