Report Of Marriage


A marriage officiated in a place outside of the Philippines, where one or both of the contracting parties is a Filipino citizen, must be reported to the Embassy of the Philippines in order for the said marriage to be properly registered and recorded with the Office of the Civil Registrar General in Manila.
The Embassy can only undertake the marriage registration process if the marriage took place in countries within its jurisdiction, i.e., Brazil, Colombia, Suriname and Guyana. For marriages solemnized outside of its jurisdiction, the Report of Marriage must be filed with the Philippine Embassy or Consulate that exercises jurisdiction over the place of marriage.


1. Accomplished Report of Marriage Form (click here to download form). The contracting parties must ensure that all the details are completed to avoid unnecessary delays.

2. Present and submit the following documents:

a) Marriage Certificate/Contract issued by the Local Civil Registrar or the local authority that issues Certificates of Marriage or Marriage Contracts.

b) Birth Certificates of contracting parties (husband & wife) and photocopies of their passports (personal data page copy only).

c) Divorce Decree, if one or both of the contracting parties is divorced.

d) Death Certificate of deceased spouse, if one or both contracting parties is a widow or widower.

3. One passport-size photo each of parties, facing front, taken not more than six (6) months from date of submission. Please, sign at the side or bottom front.

4. If the marriage took place more than a year before the actual registration of marriage, the Filipino spouses should execute and submit a duly notarized Declaration or Affidavit stating the reason(s) for the delayed registration.

5. Processing fees and other pertinent information: click here

6. Important notes:  
  • All the above documents must be submitted in original copies and must be in quadruplicate (four (4) photocopies each). The original supporting documents, after verification/evaluation of their authenticity, will be returned to the contracting parties.
  • All documents that are written in a language other than English must be translated into English through a sworn translator and duly notarized by the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The Consular Officer may request other documentary requirements, if deemed necessary, after evaluation of all the documents submitted. 
  • In general, divorces between Filipinos are not recognized under Philippine law, wherever the decree is obtained. However, in the case of mixed marriages e.g. between Filipinos and foreigners, the Philippine law would allow a divorced Filipino to re-marry, if the alien ex-spouse initiated the divorce proceedings. 
  • Decrees of annulment issued by Philippine courts pursuant to the Family Code would allow Filipinos to re-marry. A judicial decree declaring the nullity of a marriage from the beginning would allow re-marriage. 
  • If the registrant/s is/are applying for renewal or amendment of his/theirs Philippine passport, the mailing fee for the Report of Marriage need not be paid if a mailing fee for the passport application is paid.


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