A visa is an endorsement made on a passport or travel document by the Philippine Embassy denoting that the traveler’s visa application has been properly examined and that the holder is permitted to proceed to the Philippines. However, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration ( has the final decision on the entry of a foreign traveler into the Philippines. 

The visa thus issued is not a guarantee that the holder will be admitted into the country. The admission of foreign nationals is a function of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration at the port of entry.


  1. Accomplished non-immigrant visa application form. The form should be accomplished in full. Forms with incomplete data will be returned to the applicant. For minor applicants, the parents or legal guardians may fill up the form in the minor's behalf. 
  2. Original passport, which must be valid for at least six (6) months after completion of stay in the Philippines and two (2) photos taken within the last six months.
  3. Confirmed plane ticket or travel agency booking (round-trip or showing date of departure for outbound destination to another country or return to Brazil).
  4. For travels undertaken for tourism purposes (Please, consult the Guidelines on Entry of Temporary Visitors to verify the duration of stay in the Philippines allowed for each country): original or certified copy of bank account statements, certificate of employment, income tax returns or other documents proving financial capacity to support self while in the Philippines.
  5. For travels undertaken for business purposes (attend conferences/seminars, meet with prospective business partners or Philippine branches of multinational companies, short-term training courses): a letter of endorsement from the applicant's employer or organization in Brazil confirming the business nature of the trip. A letter from the receiving company or organization in the Philippines will also be required confirming the invitation and/or undertaking responsibility for the applicant's travel. If the applicant is self-employed or owner of company, proof of ownership of company will be required. 
  6. For Brazilian students participating in student-exchange programs (i.e. Rotary International Youth Exchange Program - Intercambio), in addition to items 1, 2, and 3 above, the following requirements must be submitted:
    • Accomplished Guarantee form signed by the host or sponsoring club in the Philippines  
    • Affidavit (Declaração) of Support and Consent from parents. The Affidavit must include proof of the financial capacity of the parents to support the student applicant's travel and stay in the Philippines such as bank account statements, proof of property ownership, tax declarations, etc.
    • Letter of Endorsement from the club or organization in Brazil confirming the participation of the student applicant in the exchange program. 
    • Letter of Invitation and Confirmation from the sponsoring club or organization in the Philippines 
    • Letter-Request addressed to the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Philippines signed by the President of the sponsoring/host club in the Philippines
  7. For non-Brazilian citizens permanently residing or working in Brazil: submit a copy of Permanent Residency Certificate, Work Visa or other documents showing legal immigration status in Brazil.
  8. For applicants intending to join vessels docked in  the Philippines: a confirmation letter from the company in the Philippines undertaking all responsibility for the applicant's trip and confirming the request for the applicant's services, including his credentials and bona fides as a seaman. In addition, the applicant must submit documentary proof of his credentials as a qualified seaman. A letter from the company where the applicant is presently under contract will be required in certain cases.  
  9. The Consular Officer may require such other additional documents from the applicant as may be warranted to determine the applicant's eligibility for an appropriate visa.  
  10. The applicant needs to be interviewed personally by a Consular Officer at the Philippine Embassy, or at a Philippine Consulate General. 
  11. Processing fees and other pertinent information: click here

Note 1: Original documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation into this language.

Note 2: INFORMATION ON WORK VISAS: To work in the Philippines, an Employment Visa is needed. It is pre-arranged and applied for in the Philippines. The Philippine Embassy will only issue a work visa upon receipt of the instruction from the Foreign Ministry in the Philippines and submission of the required documents. The Foreign employer may coordinate with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in the Philippines for more details.


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