Dual Citizenship


1. Application/Petition Form (to be filled-out in triplicate)

2. Proof of Philippine Citizenship

  • Original Philippine Birth Certificate
  • Philippine Passport (if available)
  • Voter's affidavit or voter's identification card (if available)
  • Marriage contract indicating the Philippine citizenship of the applicant (if available); and
  • Such other documents that would show that the applicant is a former natural-born citizen of the Philippines as may be acceptable to the evaluating officer.

All of the above-mentioned documents should be presented in their original copies, to be returned to the applicant after their authenticity has been verified.

If born outside the Philippines, Report of Birth (ROB) issued by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate.

3. Proof of Foreign Citizenship

  • Original Certificate of Naturalization
  • Original Foreign Passport (if available)

4. Proof of Civil Status

  • Marriage Certificate, if married
  • Death Certificate of spouse, if widowed/widower
  • Annulment decree, if marriage has been annulled
  • Divorce decree, if divorced

5. Application/Petition with Dependents below 18 years of age

  • Please refer to Nos. 2 and 3 above.
  • If the child is adopted, adoption decree

6. Photos

Three (3) passport-sized colored photos with plain white background, no eyeglasses. The same requirement is required of dependents.

7. Processing fees and other pertinent information: click here

The fees may be paid prior to taking the Oath of Allegiance of the applicant at the Embassy.

8. Personal appearance of the applicant at the Embassy in Brasilia to take the Oath of Allegiance before the Consular Officer. The date of personal appearance and oath-taking at the Embassy shall be set after the completion of evaluation of documents showing that the applicant has complied with all the requirements.


In all cases, the evaluating officer may require the submission of additional documents if there is reasonable ground to believe that the applicant is not a former natural-born Filipino.

Please bring all original documents. Applicant must submit three (3) photocopies of all original documents. All documents that are written in a language other than English must be translated into English through a sworn translator and duly notarized by the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Additional documentation may be required by the Consular Officer.


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