PHL Ambassador to Brazil Meets with Labor Minister of Suriname to Address Concerns of Filipino Nurses


BRASILIAIn order to swiftly address the problems of Filipino doctors and nurses in Suriname, particularly with regard to the salaries they are getting contrary to their employment contracts, Philippine Ambassador to Brazil Jose D.R. Burgos flew to Suriname from December 26 to 29, 2015 to meet with key officials and concerned workers.

Ambassador Burgos, accompanied by Third Secretary and Vice Consul Eric P. Valenzuela and Embassy Assistant Mr. Jose Antonio M. Bea, met with Suriname Labor Minister Soewarto Mostadja and Academisch Ziekenhuis Paramaribo (AZP) CEO Dr. Antoine A. Brahim.

Beginning in 2013, all major hospitals in Suriname have been employing Filipino doctors in nurses. In AZP, the largest hospital in the country, there are 70 Filipino nurses and Dr. Brahim wants to increase this number inasmuch as the hospital still needs 200 additional nurses.

Labor Minister Moestadja vowed to make an investigation on the salaries of the Filipino nurses and to call the attention of AZP, in particular. He urged the Filipino nurses to come to him for their concerns so that the Ministry can address them. On the part of AZP, Dr. Brahim promised to meet with Minister Moestadja on this matter to try to address the concerns of the Filipino nurses.

The Labor Minister added that Suriname and the Philippines enjoy good relations. He commended the Filipino nurses for being so efficient, well-trained and reliable at all times. With the growing number of Filipino workers in Suriname, and to exchange information and trainings on data collection, labor inspection, occupational safety and vocational training, among others, he suggests that an MOU on Labor Cooperation be negotiated and signed by the two countries.

Source: Date accessed: 03 February 2016



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