PHL Embassy in Brasilia Conducts an ATN And Consular Mission to Caracas, Venezuela on 17-23 July


The Philippine Embassy in Brasilia sent an ATN/consular mission to Caracas, Venezuela on July 17 to 23. The mission was led by First Secretary and Consul General Ariz Severino V. Convalecer and Consular Assistant Jose Antonio M. Bea, where they rendered urgent consular and ATN services.

The Consular Team was able to process the following:

  • 36 passport
  • 5 reports of birth
  • 5 affidavits of delayed registration
  • 1 travel document authentication

Likewise, through the help of the Philippine Honorary Consulate General, Consul General Convalecer was also able to meet with some longtime residents in Venezuela. Most of them have lived in the country between 30 and 40 years. As a result of the meeting, it was agreed that an action plan will be drawn up with the help of Honorary Consul General Duarte with special focus in bringing the needed supplies to Filipinos in a timely and efficient manner. A Whatsapp Group will also be created to monitor the status of Filipinos in Venezuela.

The consular mission is part of the Philippine Embassy’s activities to reach out to Filipino citizens in Venezuela.

Source: Date Accessed: 01 August 2016



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