Phl Embassy in Brasilia Conducts Team Building Seminar in Paracatu, Minas Gerais

The Philippine Embassy in Brasilia conducted a Team Building Seminar in Paracatu, Minas Gerais from December 17 to 18.  Dr. Raphaela Hayashida de Araujo (lawyer) and Dr. Mariana Guimaraes Dilascio (psychologist) served as Resource Persons/Facilitators on Gender Sensitivity and Management Team-Building Techniques.

With the objective of creating an Embassy team that is more cohesive and highly performing, the Embassy officers and staff went through activities and exercises designed to develop effective working inter-relationships, set goal targets, clarify roles, build mutual trust and cultivate positive communication among team members. Additionally, the team members were taught a relaxation exercise and ways to de-stress to further enhance productivity at work and promote personal well-being.

The Embassy adopted the motto, “Teamwork is the propellant spirit that allows united people to attain extraordinary results."

The Team Building Seminar also gave the Embassy personnel the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the history, geography and culture of the venue of the seminar. About three hours drive from Brasilia, Paracatu has the largest deposit of gold, silver and other derivative minerals in Brazil, producing about 15 tons of gold and 5 tons of silver every year. The State of Minas Gerais itself has emerged as one of the largest economic forces in Brazil.

Interesting to note, Minas Gerais is the home state of the largest number of Brazilian presidents such as former President Dilmas Rousseff. Kinross Gold Mining Company, a consortium of Canadian, US, UK, Australian, German and Japanese Companies, is the fifth largest gold producer in the world and its Paracatu gold mine, located in northwest Minas Gerais has the largest open pit gold mine in the planet.


Source: Date accessed: 22 December 2016



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