Ph Ambassador Meets Filcom in São Paolo

SÃO PAULO: Ambassador Marichu Mauro met the Filipino Community of São Paulo  over the weekend, the largest Filipino community in Brazil and several other institutions.

On Sunday, 22 April 2018, a meet and greet event was held at Igreja Nossa Senhora de Paz (Our Lady of Peace Church) for the Filipino community in São Paulo to get to know Ambassador Mauro.

More than 60 Filipinos, mostly women, attended the event. They expressed their delight in meeting the Ambassador and that she had made the effort to come and see them so soon after her arrival in Brazil on 6 April 2018.

Ambassador Mauro took the time to hear their concerns and assess the general welfare of the Filipino community in São Paulo.

She also revealed her plans for projects she wishes to pursue for the Filipino community including organising a meeting with officials from the social security of Brazil as well as officials from the Ministry of Labor.

Ambassador Mauro was also pleased to meet Fr. Paolo Parise who oversees the Filipinos in his parish. The Parish of Our Lady of Peace Church has the evangelisation of the family as its main priority. It is located in the Liberdade area of São Paulo which is considered the Asian enclave of the city. The parish doesn’t only oversee the spiritual welfare of its parishioners but offer legal and medical assistance as well as a sanctuary for the migrant communities that it serves.

The night before, on 21 April 2018, Ambassador Mauro oversaw the induction of the officers of ACBF, a cultural association between Filipinos and Brazilians.

While in São Paulo, Ambassador Mauro also met with ITTC, an NGO group that offers assistance to Filipinos living in the area.

Source: Embassy files Accessed: 26 April 2018



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