Curitiba Mayor receives PH Ambassador to Brazil; demonstrates BRT system

Curitiba Mayor Rafael Greca de Macedo received Ambassador Marichu Mauro and delegation during a two-day visit on 13-14 August 2018 to the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Paraná. Ambassador Mauro was in Curitiba to inspect its Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system ahead of a Philippine Congressional study visit on how the BRT may be implemented in the Philippines.

The International Relations Office of Mayor Greca organized a BRT tour for the Ambassador and her party to have a first-hand experience of the bus-based transport system. Curitiba’s BRT was built in 1974 and became the first BRT in the world and reputedly also the first and most successful example of transit-oriented development. Curitiba’s BRT system now serves as the model BRT all over the world. Some countries that have followed the system are the U.S., countries in South America and Asia.

As part of the immersion program, Ambassador Mauro and delegation, accompanied by officials from the Office of the Mayor and the BRT Headquarters, with a squad of police escorts, first rode the express bus from the central bus terminal in Pinheirinho and then transferred to Linha Verde (green line), negotiating a distance of about 30 kilometers in about 20 minutes. The travel was fast, smooth and impressive.

The BRT system services 85% of Curitiba’s population, or around 1.4 million passengers a day. At present, the system provides transit between any point in the city for just a single fare of approximately US$ 1.20.

The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a bus system that works like a light rail system but is 10 times cheaper. Curitiba’s BRT is the model and source of inspiration for the TransMilenio in Bogotá, Colombia; TransJakarta in Jakarta, Indonesia; Metrovia in Guayaquil, Ecuador; Emerald Express (EmX) of Eugene, Oregon; Orange Line of Los Angeles, California; the Strip and Downtown Express in Las Vegas, Nevada; the Transmetro system in Guatemala City; as well as the Metrobus systems of Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Bangalore, India.




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