DIVE PHILIPPINES draws crowds in Brazil

Hundreds of Brazilians and other South Americans came to the DIVE PHILIPPINES Exhibit organized by the Philippine Embassy in Brazil at Pátio Brasil Shopping Mall in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. 

Held over four days – from 21 to 24 November – visitors to the Philippine dive show in Pátio Brasil had the unique opportunity to learn more about the Philippines as a dive destination. 

The official opening was held on Thursday, 21 November 2019, with the diplomatic corps, Brazilian media and dive enthusiasts in attendance. 

The Philippines has recently been recognized as Asia’s Leading Dive Destination for the first time by the World Travel Awards. DIVE PHILIPPINES is, therefore, the Philippine Embassy’s contribution to the initiative of the Department of Tourism (DOT) to promote Philippine dive tourism which has been identified as one of the key areas in the National Tourism Development Plan. DIVE PHILIPPINES aims to raise awareness of the Philippines as a diving heaven to Brazilians. 

“The Philippines offers so much to divers and non-divers alike. We have first-class facilities and amenities available in a wide choice of special destinations coupled with the exceptional quality of service and extraordinary hospitality of the Filipino people which makes for a sublime experience for every visitor,” Ambassador Marichu Mauro said in her remarks during the opening.

The highlight of DIVE PHILIPPINES was the unique opportunity for visitors to experience in Virtual Reality what it’s like to dive in the Philippines featuring high-definition videos of diving sites. A special photo exhibit by Brazilian underwater photographer Juan Murillo also showcased the amazing array of unusual and sought-after creatures that inhabit Philippine waters. 

It was the first event of its kind organized by the Philippine Embassy in Brazil. With many people unaware of the Philippines’ attractiveness as a tourist destination, DIVE PHILIPPINES was a unique opportunity to raise the profile of the Philippines to Brazilians and South Americans and it was very successful in doing that.    

Most of the visitors were amazed by the beauty of the Philippines below and above water. They were surprised that there was a destination in Southeast Asia that boasts a culture very much like their own, with a cuisine that is more suitable to their palate and a country that is so much easier to navigate because the people speak English and to some extent, even Spanish. It was such an eye-opener that many of them left thinking of taking their next vacation in Asia in the Philippines.

The exhibit was organized by the Philippine Embassy in cooperation with Pátio Brasil shopping mall and the Philippine Tourism Office in Los Angeles, USA.



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